29 June 2008

The 2%

So, I'd say 98% of today was really excellent. But it's amazing how that 2% can really sour things.

We had a lovely morning at the Columbia Road flower market, got tons of nice plants for our courtyard. The caretaker of our building had asked Rog to get more, because he liked what he'd done so far a lot. As Rog was planting, everyone who passed by thanked him, and said how much nicer the courtyard was looking.

Then, one guy opened his window and said, "You think that looks good, mate?" And was just a real dick for about 15 minutes. And the worst part was that he managed to really leave us feeling despondent for the better part of the day.

We went to macondo for cafe con leche, and then for a walk afterwards around our neighborhood. But it didn't really dispel the mood.

Though, looking at my window garden is definitely cheering me up - especially the cherry tomato plant that we got today at the flower market. I love it.

28 June 2008

Wandering around

Yesterday, while wandering around in Highgate:

As we were walking along, we saw this little wooded entrance:

And decided to check it out. When we got through, we were in this big, open field:

It was pretty amazing. It turned out to be Hampstead Heath, a gigantic park in north London. I think it'd be a great place for a picnic, if I can ever find it again.

We walked for a while and came to a road, and this garden:

And, a sneak peak of the secret project:

On Thursday, we went to an opening of Yuko Shiraishi's work at the water house on regents canal. Or more specifically, on the wall across the canal from it. My favorite part was that at the end, when people were leaving, they gave out little packets of seeds to grow herbs, which we went home and planted straight away. I don't like to wish my time away, but let's just say I'll be quite psyched if in a week's time there are little seedlings appearing...

25 June 2008

I had to go to the yarn shop today

My sis asked me to make a baby box (lamb & sweater) for her new niece or nephew, who is due in the next month, so I had to go to Loop today. As some of you know, this shop (my favorite so far in London) is right near where I work, and it has taken a lot of self-control to not spend my every lunch hour there. This is what I got:

This is what I did not buy, but was so sorely tempted:

It's Misti Alpaca Chunky, in this beautiful cornflower blue. I'm not normally drawn to blue, but now I am. I have a funny feeling that I'll be back at Loop next week, buying some of this. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I got tagged by juicy knits, so...:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago, I was living in NYC on the upper west side. I think I had given up my job, and taken on some part-time work, so I could finally finish my degree. I was learning Spanish, hanging out with lots of chileans. That seems to be all I can remember right now...

2. What are five things on my to do list?
Finish the secret project. Start the baby box items. Do some non-knitting, money-making work. Clean more often. Go to the bank.

3. Where have I lived?
I grew up in NYC, then went upstate for university. After that, I went to Paris, where I stayed for a year, in the 11th arrondissement, which was a blast. I babysat for a little 2-year old boy; I was supposed to teach him English, but he firmly told me that we were going to speak French. His English didn't get better, but my French certainly improved. I lived in Albuquerque for three years, which was a shock to the system (so much sky! so little ... city!) and an amazing place. Then I went back to NYC for years, so much happened in that time: lots of great times, though some heartbreak as well. Now, I'm living in London, and I'm happy to be here too. In every place I've lived, I've found really close friends, and I feel really lucky for that.

4. What would I do if I were a billionaire?
First, i'd get us a little house with a big garden, so Rog could have his dream garden. Somewhere in the middle of London! Maybe one in the north of France too. Oh wait, I'm a billionaire - maybe in the south of France! Then, I'd give bunches of money to all my friends, so they wouldn't ever have to worry about money again. Needless to say, buy yarn. How much is a billion again? I guess I'd have to hire someone to take care of it, since I don't even know how much it is.

I have to make some more blog friends to pass these on to... so miss mildred, for right now it's you!

19 June 2008

New secret project

I can't put pictures up of my new secret project til Birthday girl receives it, which might take a while as I haven't finished it yet, let alone sent it...

So instead, here is a picture of a fossil I found, while we were in our little courtyard planting flowers:

Also some pictures of Brighton, from our recent day trip:

13 June 2008

New FO

The jury's still out on this one.

04 June 2008

New camera, new WIP

Well, I can't take a picture of the camera, but it's cute. MK, if you're reading this, I really like it so far! But I've only had it a few hours.

Here's a pic of the Back to School Vest:

Cute, no?

And I'm also starting one more project from fitted knits, then I'll make something else. It's that sleeveless turtleneck thing.

And, Hoxton Square, earlier this afternoon, where I was knitting. It was such a nice day, finally!

I think my next project will be this sweater. Miss Mildred made one, and even though she thought the wool she used was poorly-behaved, it still looks beautiful. And that's what's important, n'est-ce pas.

Last night, I dreamt that Bruno found his way all the way home! To London! Despite the exclamation points, this actually made me feel quite sad upon waking.

I've been in London without Rog for two weeks now. He'll be back next week, which is good because I miss him. But, that's not to say I haven't been having fun! I went to Berlin to see Nicola for her birthday, and saw a lot of old friends. Berlin is beautiful in May - green, sunny (sometimes), warm. Delicious coffee. I learned - or I should say, I was taught, I certainly can't remember 14 of them, and I can't spell 15 of them - about 15 phrases to say "everything is unimportant. I don't care." The other expression for this in English is "nnnnnh." At least that's how one person saw it.

I accidentally told a small girl that I don't like children (in my defense, I thought she was asking me if I had a child called Max). I do like children!

I've been doing a lot of yoga, and I'm taking German lessons. And of course I'm working at my various jobs. And walking a lot. I'm finally sort of figuring out where everything is in relation to everything else.