26 September 2007


I'm in the middle of four projects, more if you take into account all the things I'm already dreaming about starting.

First, there's the secret log cabin project. I'm halfway done, and I haven't started the second half yet. Right now, it's feeling a little like a chore. I'll start it again in October. Here is Miss Mildred's post about her part of the secret project.

I'm also working on Rog's annual birthday scarf - I'm almost done. I'm knitting it as I write (write a bit, knit a bit). I have to finish it by tomorrow! Luckily, it's a half hour subway ride to and from teaching tonight, so that should give me enough time. It's the men's cashmere scarf from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts".

This is half a sweater for my landlady's daughter. It's these projects that work in halves that get me - it's such a good point to take a break... but then the break lasts for months.

Finally, I'm making the l'il red hoodie. This time I made a proper swatch and matched the gauge, and so far, I have to say, it looks pretty good!

The next project I'm thinking of making is a hat for Rog's niece (my niece-in-law?) Lily. I know I'm an anthropologist and I should have this categorizing-family-members thing down, but I don't. Lily, who's 5, has just as good a system as anyone I know: she calls me "Uncle Jasmine" (admittedly, just once, but it was so cute) - this makes sense - I fit in the same category as her Uncle Rog, who lives in the faraway land of NYC. I can see how that makes more sense than categorizing me with her dad's sister, (whom I've never even met) just because we're both women. Besides, to me, family is only loosely tied to blood relatives - as far as I'm concerned, some people who are related to me aren't family, and some people who aren't related to me are definitely family. So I'm just going to call Lily my niece, ok?

Here's a picture of Lily wearing some mittens I knit her a few years back:

And lastly, only 14,431 people ahead of me on the Ravelry invite list...

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Miss Mildred said...

Hi! I'm reading your blog.