24 December 2009

FO - Leaf Yoke Top

Just in time for the holidays!

Merry Christmas, everyone! et Joyeux Noël!


14 December 2009

A new colour

After a decent period of not knitting very much, now I have started up again, with one project well on the way (the Leaf Yoke Top - rav link), and another waiting in the wings.

Our kitchen is still not done.

09 December 2009

New knitting!

Well, okay, I haven't started yet, but I got some of this yarn:

I know. I keep buying the same colour wool. I can't wait to start knitting, though!

I'm doing a project at a school that's right next door to a farm and there's a farm cafe. The farm is beautiful and the cafe is very sweet. Here's a photo from around the cafe:

Yesterday, I went to Paris to spend the day with my aunt. I was really lucky, it was a lovely day. I came back with some new books to keep my French up to date. I've already finished one, on the train on the way home.