26 October 2007

Trip to Vermont

We just got back from a lovely trip to Vermont. We needed a little break from NYC. I never really think of myself as stressed out, but after a day in the country, I realize the difference between what I call "relaxed" at home and what relaxed really feels like. After two days in vt, I felt not only relaxed but also really awake.

I also wanted to go there because I wanted to go to the cute little yarn store in Woodstock, the Whippletree, and get some more of these:

The further we drove north, the more autumn-like it became. It was still very warm (79 deg one day!), but the trees are turning. By the time we arrived, we found ourselves amidst hills mottled in rust orange, various vibrant reds, warm browns and greens. This picture really doesn't do it justice at all.

Which all made me want yarn the colors of autumn foliage. This is what I found:

I finally got invited to Ravelry, so I know what I will be doing this rainy afternoon.

20 October 2007

Middle Men

I finally finished this sweater for my landlady's daughter. Alexander, my LL's son calls it the elephant sweater because of the sleeves...

Some scarves I've finished for selling on 7th:

And, a new project - this is a scarf for a friend, who commented in-depth, helpfully & brilliantly on a story of mine. I wanted to give something in return, and I'm a big fan of barter. She's just moved to Maine.

On the subject of barter, I have this idea that it's the middle men (middle people I suppose I should say, but I was worried it would sound like I was talking about elves or something) that have led to the atomization / destruction of community. This is related to F. Tönnies ideas about the change from face-to-face communities to groups of interacting strangers, and probably also to Benedict Anderson's work. Ask for more and I'll explain more. Think about the difference between buying from keyfood or the farmer's market. Face to face is always better. Always? Maybe not always; I thought there have to be exceptions - not all middle men are bad - and of course, the best example of a great middle man is the yarn store!

16 October 2007


My fingers hurt from knitting so much.

14 October 2007

Selling stuff

Actually, I knew Miss Mildred & I would be selling our stuff in Park Slope, but I didn't want to jinx it - now that we've done it for a couple of days, I feel I'm jinx-safe!

It was fun - maybe my long-dormant entrepeneurial (no, I don't know how to spell this word) spirit is finally awakening...

11 October 2007

New Activities

I can now run all the way around Prospect Park! I've done it twice...

Some new FOs made from various leftovers and loose ends... I'm trying to use up my stash, so I'll be able to more reasonably rationalize buying lots more yarn. I love these wood buttons - I got them on a trip to Vermont during the summer - I'm hoping I can find more just like them.



Of course, what am I going to do with so many felted purses? I guess they'll end up either as gifts, or mayble I'll try to sell them on Etsy.