22 January 2008


My fingers don't hurt anymore, so I'm knitting some mermaid fingerless gloves for myself. No pictures yet.

I've also seen most of the first two seasons of Deadwood (I'll finish season 2 tonight). One goal I have before I'm off to London is to finish season 3 as well. Totally do-able, as I've been watching two or three episodes a day.

Another goal I had before I left was to do a headstand in yoga without the wall to back me up. I did. As I was doing it, I was thinking, "I'm doing it, I can't believe -" and then I fell flat on my ass. I didn't even have time to curl up, so I just fell flat over. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would - in fact, not at all. And it was totally worth it.


Miss Mildred said...

You Wylie Coyoted yourself!
Congrats on the handstand.

Miss Mildred said...

I mean head stand.