24 April 2008

equal parts sleepy and happy

So last week I went to see the Peter Doig show at the Tate. It was an amazing show, I think because it had this quietness to it, but also a lot going on. Every time I looked at a painting and thought I didn't like it, the second time or third time I walked by it, I would notice some squibble of paint, or a shadow, and it would make me suddenly realize that I really did like it. It shut down the usually non-stop chatter that goes through my head each and every moment of my waking and sometime sleeping life.

Anyway, when I left the Tate, I started walking through a nearby garden and as I was walking, suddenly there was this amazing gigantic church. I thought, "What could that church be?" And then there were all these crazy, old buildings, which I presumed were all churches. Sorry, London, for not knowing. It was the houses of parliament and Westminster Abbey. I didn't go in, 10 quid seemed a bit steep.

I got this Habu yarn, which doesn't really match my other Habu yarn.

So, you see, once again impulse-buying does me no good. In fact, I'm grumpy about it. I'm making a very ugly scarf with very nice yarn.

Two weeks ago I went to John Lewis, where I avoided impulse-buying, even though they had tons and tons of lovely Rowan yarn. I'm very intrigued by the cocoon stuff - mostly the metallic-y colors.

Oh, and I started a new job today. It's just two days a week, and I really like it and I really like the people I work with. It's also only for three months. The best thing about it, though, is it's in Islington, so it's a very nice walk up the canal, and the street I walk on has a lovely garden for having lunch in, and it's right near Loop!

And finally, I'm going to NYC next week for a couple of weeks. So much going on, especially when I can't be bothered to post for weeks on end.

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