19 January 2009

A "Mitigated" Disaster

It's a lovely blustery wintery day outside - bouts of rain from darkened skies - made all the more enjoyable because I'm working from home today and can just see it out my window, while I sit cozily inside.

I loved this Phildar jumper when I saw it, even though I knew straight away that it wouldn't flatter me (i.e. it doesn't have a waist!). But I decided to try it out anyway. And it's not flattering - it's too ... teabaggy.

But, it's not an unmitigated disaster, because I did learn something. I had read awhile ago, on Lien's blog, how to shape a neckline using short rows. I tried it here, and it worked perfectly. I'm hooked. Especially as I hate picking up stitches. And, yes, by that I mean that I'm no good at it.

So even though I was sorely disappointed by how this jumper turned out (I was ready to give up knitting yesterday night), I'm now looking forward to the next jumper, where I can do a short row neckline again.

First things first, though, I've got some frogging to do. Sigh.


Siga said...

Afterwards you'll be relieved, so go and frog!

amanda said...

teabaggy? You've been living in England too long!

Thanks to the link to Liens place though. I hate the stair-stepping too so I really should try this out.

Lien said...

I'm so glad the short-row description was helpful for you- I'm always worried that what seems perfectly reasonable in my head is total gibberish to other people.

Are you sure you'll frog this? I know you don't like the lack of shaping, but it looks like it'd be a great hang-around-the-house-drinking-tea-and-reading-the-newspaper sweater.