13 April 2009


Well, before I get to Bath, here's Paloma. I did rip it all out and start over again, this time without mistakes, and I'm really happy I did so. Not least because I figured out that many of my problems the first time around stemmed from the fact that I missed an all-important increase round very early on. So I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out; now I'll just need some warm days, please...

Bath was lovely. We were staying a few miles out in the countryside with R's sister's husband's family. It was fantastic, and there were enough gamboling lambs there to keep me happy for some time to come.

The river Avon, which flows right through the town:

The church:

With some angels climbing up and some climbing down, though the ones climbing down are upside-down because, R's bil told me, as people climbing down look much like people climbing up, they needed to do something to differentiate, and hence they made the ones going down literally upside-down:

Lambs, lambs, lambs:


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Your top is lovely on you. Your pictures of Bath transported me right into a Jane Austen novel :)

Kathy said...

Started over on Paloma? Jasmine, I can hardly believe how quickly you knit! And soooo pretty on you, too.
Well Bath certainly looks out of fairy tale, doesn't it? The architecture, the pastoral setting, and I can almost hear the little lambs baa-ing. ;)
What a lovely getaway for you two.

Larissa said...

Paloma looks fantastic - do you mind if I completely copy you and make one too??? A finished project AND gambolling lambs all in one post = perfect!

Lien said...

I have yet to visit Bath, even though it was a running joke at my ex-work about how everyone who has ever been says how "nice" it is. That's the word everyone used to describe it. Sometimes "very nice".

Anonymous said...

Hello! Paloma is gorgeous! I love this pattern... I have to add it to my favourites!
Thank you for sharing pics, it is so pretty old-style Bath!

Anonymous said...

Paloma is great!! It looks so good on you!
I love this pattern!

Thank you for sharing your Bath's pics! It looks a pretty old-style town! Very beatiful!

amanda said...

And I bet you're so glad you ripped back now! This looks perfect on you - let's hope the good weather continues.