21 May 2010

FO and why I've not been blogging

We've been spending any time we have in the garden. It's meant a lot less knitting, and a lot less being on the computer in general, which is really great. Those are some cut flowers from the garden.

Here's some other things I've grown from seed. I know this isn't that exciting to most people, but I'm feeling pretty proud of myself that I've gotten things so far along.

Some plants I didn't grow from seed:

And here's how our garden is looking these days - it's like a little oasis:

Despite all that, I do have an FO.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your garden with us, hope the weather is good enough to enjoy it. Have wonderful sunshine here in Scotland yesterday and today.

charlie girl said...

WOW! your vest is beautiful! It's still raining in Seattle so it's been do what you can out in the garden for 5 minutes before dodging raindrops...we're back to typical Seattle springtime.