25 June 2010


I had to frog Amber, because even though I knit the smallest size, I was absolutely drowning in it. I've resized it, dropping the cast-on from 56 stitches per front and back, to 40 stitches per front and back. That's 32 stitches less than the pattern called for, in total! And it's just right, I think. Now all that's left is the cowl neck.

Here's our mini-conservatory, where we have breakfast.

My broad beans. 

I planted these cossack tomato seeds a few months ago. The plants are towering - there's one that's taller than I am now. They're the weirdest tomatoes I've ever seen, and in fact, I'm not entirely sure they are tomatoes.

If anyone knows, please tell me!

My mom went to visit my sister in Edinburgh for a few weeks, and one afternoon, I met her halfway between there and here, in York.


Miss Mildred said...

I adore this picture of you and your mom!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Your amber is looking great so far. Love your conservatory.

Siga said...

I love how the stitch pattern of the smaller amber is opening up - a good decision to reknit.