26 November 2011

A Good Day

Today, when the mail came, I had a package from Siga - some beautiful yarn, a card with her beautiful handwriting, and some chocolates. I couldn't take a picture of the yummy mini Ritter Sports, because... well you can probably figure out that they disappeared long before I got the camera out!

Thank you, Siga!

So, that was an absolutely lovely way to start the day. 

Then we went to Islington to visit my friend Philip's new place - the Islington Barn - where he has pop-up dinners, a fresh veg & fruit shop, which is very festive right now. 

If you live in London, I totally recommend checking it out - the fruit & veg are amazing and super cheap too. I'm making some cauliflower soup for dinner with beautiful cauliflower that I bought from him today. That's my olio verde olive oil in the background, from my friend Gabi in Sicily. How did I get so lucky in terms of my friends???

All in all, it's been a really nice autumn Saturday here in London.

I've also been making trial runs of Christmas cookies, which isn't as fun as making them with my sister. 

Finally, here's what I've been knitting: it's Beau in black for Rog:

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juicyknits said...

You're most welcome. Beau? Is it a déjà-vu for me or have you knit it before?