27 November 2007

Smiley's Sale & my budget

Today Miss M & I went to the Smiley's sale on 57th street. We each had our budgets, and we each stayed in our budgets. What we were trying to figure out was: is there a 24 hour limit on budgets? i.e. tomorrow, do we get to start again?

I got some really nice Puno alpaca and some pink yarn to make christmas presents for Lily and myself... pink and white hats! Anyway, it's a long day - I taught from 9am til noon; went to Smiley's; came home to drop off the stuff and block my l'il red riding hoodie; and now I'm getting ready to go back to class tonight.

I now just have to wait for the hoodie to dry and sew in the zipper. I can't wait. I'll put in pictures as soon as I finish!

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