20 November 2007

Tomorrow will not be like today

All of a sudden, with just a bit over two months left before we leave for London, I'm worried about finding work. It's not that I was so sure I'd find a job there until now, or that I wasn't thinking about it. Maybe it's just more real now. I think it's the idea of work itself that's just more real now - considering that I was more or less MIA for the first nine months of this year - I'm finally ready to get into some sort of challenging project.

And that project apparently is not the secret one that was meant to be finished... yesterday. But, for you pertinent parties, I'm now four stripes all around and I've blocked the other square.

Well, actually, I'm about to block the other square after I finish this post.

Here is one reason why I have been so behind on that project:

It's actually a much more butterscotch color than it seems in this picture. Actually, I was sitting at my kitchen table, and when I put the glove down next to a bag of oranges, I realized it was exactly the color of oranges, though I would never have though that had they not been next to each other. It's a short version of this pattern.

I like the idea of a change and that every year for the past several years has not been like the year before it. So I'm excited to go to London. Maybe I'm just introducing job worries in my continuing efforts to complicate my life by trying to create mini-rituals which prevent my jinxing things... Yeah, that's it.

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