19 May 2008

Exciting discoveries & 5 things

Yesterday, my friend Heidi came over to keep me company while I finished up the "last" bits of packing. Last in quotes because I'm still not done packing. I mean, I'm almost done, but I still feel like there's a million little details to take care of.

Anyhoo, afterwards, I went back uptown with her, where she introduced me to her LYS, Yarntopia. So cute! So much nice wool! Why wasn't it there when I used to live up there? And, while we were there, we saw a swatch of broomstick lace, which is made using a knitting needle and a crochet hook. I'd never seen it before, and I am very intrigued. The swatch was made from malabrigo, and in one of my favorite colors, a kind of burnt orange.

Now it's back to packing. Well, I'll probably finish the mini-vest I'm making for stigs and / or marcie, so Miss Mildred can walk around in a vest with a kid wearing a vest. If it doesn't turn out too too ugly. No guarantees.

Also I got tagged a few weeks ago by Miss M, and now that I have some procrastinating to do, it seems like a perfect time! I'm afraid they're neither ironic nor amusing.

Five things found in my bag:
1) Knitting stuff
2) Pens
3) Old lists on tiny, crumpled pieces of paper
4) Sunglasses
5) Index cards

Five favorite things in my room:
1) The beautiful light that comes in in the morning
2) The flowers in front of the window with the nice light on them
3) The bed
well, there's not that much in my room yet, we just moved in a few months ago! 1-3 are pretty much everything in the room so far...

Five things i've always wanted to do (maybe not things I've always wanted to do, but I definitely want to do them now)
1) A handstand
2) Be able to cook in London
3) go to spain
4) learn italian
5) have a garden

Five things I'm currently into
1) walking along the canal
2) the broccoli tortilla at macondo
3) yoga
4) knitting
5) walking around in general

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