21 May 2008

Back in London!

It almost seems like I didn't go to NYC at all! The time really flew by, and it was a very good trip, no miseries like the last time I was there. I saw all my friends, which was great, and all in the space of little over a week. Now if only every week could be so friend-filled...!

While I was at the airport, and then while I was waiting for take-off, I started knitting my Back to School vest. I got this really nice heathery yellow Cascade 220. For some reason, I have to use size 5 needles to obtain gauge. I would put a picture of my WIP, only I don't have the camera with me, it's still in NYC with Rog. So now I'm torn between buying a new camera, which we could use anyway, the old one's crap, and not buying a new camera, because I really shouldn't be spending any money right now. It may be pictureless blogging for a few weeks... I'll probably spend the time til Rog gets back agonizing over whether or not to buy the camera, and then he'll be back with the camera, and I won't have to buy it. Problem solved! Time for me to start agonizing, then, I guess...

MK gave me some good suggestions for a camera, and, they're roughly the same price here. It even sounds cheaper, because it's in pounds (only £115).

On my way to the airport, my cab driver was trying to figure out, in a round about way, if I would be interested in buying pot from him. Maybe he didn't realize I was on my way to the airport. I have to say, though, that I really appreciated all the effort he put into sounding me out; he was very creative, especially considering that every attempt was met with a polite laugh, and my complete refusal to let on that I understood what he was trying to communicate.

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