29 June 2008

The 2%

So, I'd say 98% of today was really excellent. But it's amazing how that 2% can really sour things.

We had a lovely morning at the Columbia Road flower market, got tons of nice plants for our courtyard. The caretaker of our building had asked Rog to get more, because he liked what he'd done so far a lot. As Rog was planting, everyone who passed by thanked him, and said how much nicer the courtyard was looking.

Then, one guy opened his window and said, "You think that looks good, mate?" And was just a real dick for about 15 minutes. And the worst part was that he managed to really leave us feeling despondent for the better part of the day.

We went to macondo for cafe con leche, and then for a walk afterwards around our neighborhood. But it didn't really dispel the mood.

Though, looking at my window garden is definitely cheering me up - especially the cherry tomato plant that we got today at the flower market. I love it.

1 comment:

amanda said...

People can be just crap sometimes can't they?? Why would anyone have anything negative to say about you doing such a nice thing? Hope the bad vibes have washed away by now.