13 August 2008

Summer time

First, I'd like to say that Amanda gave me a Brillante Weblog award - this is so sweet! Especially the part where she said why. And one day soon, I will come up with my 7 people to pass it on to. And can I say? I'd nominate Amanda right back :)

It has been so chilly in London - I've been wearing boots, and sweaters. Today I went out and wished I had put a jacket on top of my sweater! So, this made me think back to my dreams of making the Luna Dress.

Since the wool it calls for is $25 / skein, I have little choice but to sub in something else. I went to John Lewis to pick up some more noro, and see what kinds of tweeds I could find. I was looking at some Debbie Bliss, when a girl passed by and in a conspiratorial stage whisper told me that she had found that same wool for half the price - £1.65!!! Needless to say, I did not buy all the yarn there!

I just bought one skein to swatch and see if it was really what I wanted:

I think it's exactly what I want. It's a little stiff - I'm knitting it doubled up. I might just try to do all the math and knit it singly instead.

Anyway, here's the website where I got my half-price yarn, they don't have tons and tons of choice, but if they happen to have what you're looking for, it's a great find. Also, the woman who runs it actually called me this morning to tell me she didn't have as many skeins as I wanted and to make sure it was okay, and to let me know that I'd have it tomorrow!

Secret project update:
Well, I ran out of my noro stash, and they no longer make the colorway I was using! So, I went and got some that was somewhat close. Somewhat. Anyone spot the new color?

I quite like the blue, and almost wish the whole thing had been in that set of colors. Luckily, I had enough of the old color to make the entire body, so just the sleeves will be different, and I think it might work out!

Aside from this, I had a nice week, except for a slight falling out with a friend of a friend's, who called me a puritan because I try to live within my means (well, to be fair, he doesn't know about the yarn habit). This from a 52-year old man whose father still supports him in large part. He barely works, yet he has a lovely flat, a fancy car, and has a cleaning lady - all paid for by his father. He thought he should reward himself because he's come up with a business plan; I wondered aloud if dinner with friends, where we were that night, and his upcoming trip to Scotland (his second this summer) wasn't enough? This is when I got called a puritan. I guess I got upset because I wouldn't expect to be rewarded for something I - and most people in the world - must do: work. I don't want to be asked to collude in his fake world where he pretends he has to work and thinks it's really interesting.

What? You want me to tell you what I really think?


amanda said...

What a strange deluded friend you have there! People are the weirdest things aren't they? Stick to yarn I say!

Talking of which, you got a real bargain there didn't you. I've always like the Luna pattern too but will save it for when I've had my body transplant! :D

Siga said...

I need holidays! Your pictures are very nice - and you've got a cute niece.