03 September 2008

Time flies...

My sister reminded me today that I hadn't posted in almost a month.

We went to Devon for a weekend, and when I came back, I didn't feel like posting about the trip, even though there were lots of great things to write about: it was absolutely beautiful and I had a great time with my niece, Lily.

We built sandcastles and went on long walks, and went beachcombing. We found lots of cool stuff.

One day, I went in to the sea with Lily, just the two of us. Rog and Cardie watched from the beach, wrapped up in their warm clothes. Lily's 6, and she is very brave and swims like a little fish. She didn't want to get out! But that's when my hands started turning blue, and I couldn't feel my skin anymore, so we had to. Swimming in such cold water is addictive, it feels so good. I don't think it's colder than swimming in Maine was last summer, but in Maine, the sun was shining and it was quite warm weather.

Lily loves her uncle Rog (and he loves her too!):

Some other pictures:

I finally finished the Secret Project, but I can't unveil it here til it reaches its recipient - a few more weeks! And I've started my Luna Dress. I'm happy with it so far, but I haven't gotten that far, so we'll see what happens.

We're totally addicted to watching Spooks. We downloaded the last two series from itunes. We realized we can't watch it too late at night because then I'm too scared to sleep and/or I have spy dreams, where I'm getting chased. So stressful!


amanda said...

I love playing in rockpools as much as my kids do! Looks like your Lily has the same liking for cold water as mine. Had to drag her out of Ullswater (fully clothed!!!) last year.

Aim said...

Those are lovely great pics! (I love to swim in cool water too, nothing like putting your warm clothes on afterwards and you're so relaxed!!!)