08 October 2008

Some free time

I just had a crazy week, but starting today, I get a little bit of breathing space.

And what good timing, because look what I got today!

It's the wool from the CSA I joined last year, Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm. It's very soft, and I love the warm white color. I also got 6 skeins of worsted weight. The one pictured here is sport weight. Now I have to figure out how (or possibly if) I should dye them. I'm thinking a nice dark red...

This week I went up to Sheffield for a meeting, and I didn't see that much of the town, only this part around the train station:

And the little sister dress, that I'm making for a friend of my sister's:

And a Bacchus sock:


Marieke said...

I love the little dress! mcg

Siga said...

Where's the little dress from? I love it!

amanda said...

I lived in Sheffield for a couple of years, and really liked it there. There's a really good yarn store in the city too!

Deep red sounds great for your yarn. I haven't had the nerve to pick up the dyes yet so I'll be watching closely.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Adorable dress!!

Anonymous said...

That dress is so cute! And, I must say that I've been impressed with the sheer volume and awesomeness of your knitting--the Luna dress, those bobble mittens, jacket for your mom... TK