28 September 2008

Writer's Block and bobbles

I just listened to the whole interview again (the one I went to NYC for) and took notes, and I am having such trouble making it gel! Come on, brain, what's wrong with you?

So here's some photos of the Luna Dress. Still not totally sure about the flouncy 3/4 sleeves, but I like the cowl neck. Also, I think it's already stretching. This is good in terms of the skirt, which was way too fitted, pre-blocking. But not so good on the top, where I want it to be quite fitted. Sigh.

In other knitting news, here are my Harvest mittens, I think they look better in real life than in the photos, but you get the idea. I really like the i-chord cast-on, and I have to admit I really like the bobbles. I never thought I'd like bobbles, but I've changed. I like bobbles.

Bobbles also figure on the bacchus socks I'm making. This is the eastern cast-on, which means that the toe is seamless.

Please, brain, come back to me.


Siga said...

Wow, the dress is great. And the bobbly mittens as well!

amanda said...

Luna looks fantastic on you..top and bottom! And the mitts are lovely too. I'm thinking that even mittens with lots of bobbles would be less fiddly than gloves too.

Hoxton said...

The dress looks fab! And you may have won we round on the bobbles - I'm not generally a fan either but they look great on the mittens!