27 December 2008

Thinking about the end of the year...

I spend a good deal of time wishing things wouldn't be over. In summer, I wish that autumn wouldn't come, or in the months leading up to my next birthday, I wish my birthday wouldn't arrive too quickly, or during holidays away from home, I dread getting back on the plane or train. But, by the time the time for change arrives, I'm almost always ready to move on. Good thing too, as I really don't have much choice about time's onward march!

Christmas-time is no exception. December has raced by, and though it has been a lovely, festive end of the year and I have loved every minute of it - including the six Christmas parties, the two yarn sales, all the sweets (though I won't be sad to see the sweets-induced spots go!), and the many walks - I am definitely at peace with it all being over for this year.

On Christmas Day, Rog and I took a brisk three-hour walk. We walked down Old Street, to Clerkenwell Road, where I took him to see St. John's Gate, which Travelknitter had originally pointed out to me, back when we went to the craft fair in Clerkenwell. It dates back to 1504.

Importantly, there is a LAMB on the ceiling!

From there, we continued our wander, turning onto Lamb's Conduit Street.

We eventually we eventually ended up at Bloomsbury Square.

A few more blocks and we were in Soho, and then we turned around and walked all the way home. I don't think life has much meaning (besides what we subjectively ascribe to it), yet I find that there's some sort of purpose to be found in walking.

We went to Chiswick on Boxing Day for the last of the holiday lunches. Geoff made a fantastic meal, with some lovely turkey, as well as being vegetable-laden - peas, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and parsnips sautéed in goose fat.

Walking in Chiswick, we saw:

And today, I went into town to the yarn sales. 50% off! I met travelknitter at Liberty, and then we made our way to John Lewis. These lovely, lovely skeins came home with me - they're my Christmas present from my mother - thank you! I love them!


amanda said...

Oh do tell us what you've got planned for the yarn! I think you've got the same shade of scottish tweed aran that Lily got for Christmas.

After all that walking you can afford 4 Christmas lunches btw!

Alison Boon said...

Well done that mum.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What a lovely day! Happy New Year.