01 March 2009

It's Spring again!

Our neighbourhood is springing into bloom. Crocuses! Daffodils! Cherries (or maybe pears, I'm not sure)!

I know it's not that surprising, but I am full of appreciation for the fact that I don't need to slog through another month of winter, as I would in the states...

I haven't been blogging much, but don't let that fool you. I've been industriously working away on the gothlet. It's full of shortrows, which I love. You can see them a bit here:

I've been really enjoying the process of making this little top; whether it'll turn out well or not remains to be seen. Lately, this really has to be my approach to knitting, because I haven't been too pleased with how my things have been turning out - so it has to be about the process. So, I learned how to do a picot trim for the neckline for this piece:

Last night, R & I went to see the shills (he produced a few of their songs). They were really good - it's the kind of music that I would have spent hours on as a teenager, trying to decipher what the lyrics were, and then hours more trying to figure out what those lyrics really meant. The songs are jangly, romantic, funny and Smiths'-tinged in all the right ways. I realised that I'm really still not ready to grow up. I like going out too much.


Anonymous said...

The top looks gorgeous - I really like how complex the construction looks!

Larissa said...

I was hoping that spring would be here by the time I got back from my holiday. At least the snow has melted, and there are a few bulbs poking through! Still damn cold though. I love how that top is knitting up - can't wait to see it.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Lovely top! Great color and intricate details.

Lucky girl it's spring where you are! Not here yet :(

Hoxton said...

Looking great, and impressively complicated!