25 January 2010

Golden Gable

Well, it's done, though not blocked.

The colour is probably most true in this image:

Just in time, too, as they're predicting more crap weather for the UK, maybe even more snow.

Hey, did I mention? I passed my "Life in the UK" exam. I was really stressing out about it, because you have to learn a lot of data and stats, and then they only ask you 24 questions. It was fine, I walked out knowing I had gotten out least 75% right (the amount needed to pass), and luckily they give the response straight away. I still even remember some of it...

I've noticed something a bit disturbing: while I feel like I can easily make a judgment about a book being bad, I don't feel like I can say when it is good anymore. I'm reading a book called D'autres vies que la mienne (other lives than mine), which I'm really enjoying, but I have no idea as to whether it's a good book or not. A lot of what I like about it is related to how pleased I am with myself that I can understand it. In other words, I'm enjoying reading another language, and the story is entertaining enough. But, I wonder, would I still like it if it were in English? Or would I judge it more harshly?


Larissa said...

Seriously - more cold weather? My only pair of boots just died and it will take a fortnight for the repair...nooo! Your Golden Gable looks extra toasty, so you'll be all set for the next big freeze.

Truskaweczka said...


At Home Mommy Knits said...

I love the sweater!! Gorgeous.

Lien said...

The sweater is beautiful and perfect for this weather.

Ugh, Life in the UK test...not looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jasmine!!! This is gorgeous!!!!

and a lot of compliments for your passed text ;-)

Kathy said...

OH, that sweater. Lovely, lovely.

I've been listening to a lot of audio books lately and have had a similar query: "Is it the actual text or the narration of the text that I more enjoy?" I've found that even if I can barely stand the voice quality of the narrator or the sound quality of the recording, a good text is still a good text and more importantly, a skilled narration isn't enough to completely disguise a mediocre book---
So your liking D'autres must make it a worthy read no matter what the language, don't you think? ;)

P.S. Okay, so I'm curious about the exam you've just taken--- glad you made it through it so well!