26 February 2010

On the way to Ardeley

Since I finished my last jumper, I haven't knit a thing. 

So in lieu of knitting news, I'll just show you an image of a lovely bird I saw yesterday (image from www.rspb.org.uk).

It looked so exotic, I was impressed to learn that it's a bog-standard British bird: the green woodpecker.

I've been to Edinburgh twice in the past month for work.

View of Stirling

Yesterday morning, there was a gorgeous snowstorm. I didn't take photos, but it was really lovely. That said, I was glad to be leaving that evening for London which is just a bit balmier.

On Thursday, at Ardeley, we went into the woodland near the farm (with the primary school I've been working with), and could see some of the fantastic things the children have been making in the woods. They were all building homes, and then they wrote stories about whatever lives in the houses they built.

Fairy's home

Brown and white sheep at Church Farm

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jasmine!
oh, that green woodpecker lives also near my home, here in the countryside. They are strange because they dont' fly as a normal bird. It seems they have little wings which can't allow them to remain in flight. But it's funny hear them when they do holes in the trees!
I love their green color!