19 September 2010

New York

I just got back from New York yesterday - it was the first time I'd been in about two years. I think I got a bit of culture shock. It really was like walking through a man-made canyon - it was so loud, and it smelled like grilled meat. I felt like I was the angel in Wings of Desire, I could hear everyone's thoughts, but really, it was just because people have to speak loudly to be heard above the din.

I went over to do some interviews for a couple of profiles I have to write. They're due Monday. Obviously, I haven't started yet - it's still only Saturday... And since the deadline is on New York time, I don't really have to start til Monday morning. Right?

Other things I did while I was there: I had a slice, some sushi and lots of Mexican food. I saw lots of friends, which was nice. I am exhausted!

Oh, I finished one of the socks I was test-knitting:


Anonymous said...

Doesn't London feel all little and cute by comparison?

I love that sock; it's turned out beautifully.

Siga said...

Oh, I also try to eat as much sushi as I can when I'm in the states. :)

That's a nice sock! Whom are you test knitting for?

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Beautiful sock!

urban muser said...

it doesn't sound like you enjoy it in nyc much. are we that bad? :)

i've never been to london so i cannot compare. nice sock!

Ghislaine said...

Great fotos! I can understand that you feel exhausted. So it was for me when I came from a small town to London... Greetings to you and send us more pictures from the big apple.