14 December 2007

Hat to end all Hats?

Not yet... as it turns out, my head is too big. I knit the 5.5 inches called for in the pattern for the Odessa hat, but it's still a bit short and threatens to fall off my head.

K mentioned that she made the same hat in plum for a friend - I would love to see a picture. This is such a nice pattern, I think I'll try it again in white.

I've started going through my stuff, trying to get rid of things before we leave for London in ... a month and a half.

Preparing to leave (mentally) makes me look at New York differently, in a good way. Being nostalgic while I'm still here means I get to do all the things I think I will miss. Like going to my favorite tapas bar on 1st ave., Oliva - I realize I have to go back there a few times in the next 90 days. Those albondigas are pretty amazing. Or even just looking at the streets in Park Slope - now that winter seems to be upon us, the trees are all naked, gnarled branches reaching skyward.

I filled two recycling bags with shredded paper! Who would've thought? There were lots of duplicates of old syllabi and handouts and articles for my classes, that I don't really need anymore because everything is just posted online these days. And bank statements and taxes that were older than seven years.

Then there's the stuff I know I ought to throw out - like pairs of tights that are too short, and therefore so uncomfortable. Socks with holes in the toes. T-shirts that I haven't worn for years. How many black t-shirts does a girl need, anyway?

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