19 December 2007

Lamb mambs

For the record, I'm almost done with round 8 on the secret project - just one more band, and then I'm on to round 9.

My goal is to finish it before I have to make a New Year's Resolution about it.

In the meantime, I made little christmas presents for Stigs and Marcie:

They were meant to be lambs, because Stigs' word for stuffed toys is "mamb" (rhymes with lamb). The white one looks more like a lamb, the brown one is a little mouse-like. Maybe it's the bow-tie.

Here's another shot of the lamb mamb...

Overall, though, I was pretty happy with them - the twins seemed to like them too - at least they hugged and kissed them. This is where I got the pattern. There are lots more cute toys there - I saw a tiger I liked... I altered the pattern a bit - I knit everything in the round - including the arms that started off with 7 stitches. On no. 3 needles. It's not so much that I thought it'd be easier than knitting them flat and then sewing them up; I just enjoy knitting in the round, even when it's painful, more than I enjoy sewing.

I still have a few more presents to knit up in the next few days.

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