24 December 2007

Mermaid Mittens

I found this pattern for mermaid gloves on Ravelry, but as we're getting into winter now, I decided to make them into mittens, as a Christmas present for my sister (to match the hat and gloves).

I cast on 48 stitches (4 sets of 12 stitches), and added the gusset after the first horizontal pattern. I knit in pattern til the middle of my index finger and then started decreasing simply by not putting in the increases, probably about 6 times. Then k2tog all the way around, twice, and then cut the yarn, pulled it through tightly. I just reversed the pattern for the other mitten, replacing all the k2tbl with k2tog. Done!

Here's one in progress:

Here they are finished:

I've been really good and not bought any wool recently, even though webs is having a huge sale right now. I've managed to knit through a bunch of yarn, so that I'm down to three boxes. And a bag. And some piles of yarn that find their way around the house, much to Rog's dismay. My friend Max just had a second daughter, so I'll be knitting a sweater for her pretty soon, that should take care of some of those piles...

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