14 February 2008

Hackney City Farm

On Sunday, we walked through the Columbia Road Flower Market, and then kept walking, about another 10 minutes, and we happened upon the Hackney Borough city farm. Half an hours' walk from my flat!

It's really lovely. There are chickens wandering around everywhere, and there's a nice little garden too.

This rooster is not really trying to step on the other chicken's head. It's just a trick of the lens. Ah perspective, eh?

I love the white chicken's leggings:

There were also pigs, but I didn't take pictures because I was a little scared of them. They were bigger than I am! Let sleeping pigs lie, I always say. But, there were cows (yearlings, probably), sheep, goats, a beautiful donkey, and geese. The donkey just kept walking around the periphery from person to person, and would stay as long as someone was petting him, and then the second it stopped he'd move on. He was a real cuddle whore, I have to say.

I wonder what happens to the wool after they shear the sheep? I guess I'll have to find out! The farm sold eggs, but I didn't see any wool anywhere.

Today is the first day where it's not warm and sunny. Still, I can't complain: compared to what I've heard the weather in NYC is right now, it's still mild here by comparison.

There's a school down the street from my flat, so if I'm here around mid-day, I can hear the kids playing, and it's a really nice sound.


Miss Mildred said...

That's so nice that there is a farm right in the city! What else do they sell besides the eggs? Although fresh eggs sounds pretty good.

Jasmine said...

I don't know how to reply to comments on here, I realized! If I write this here, will you know? I don't know... Well, they have a little shop with mexican stuff, and a café, and another little shop that I didn't get a chance to get into. Yet...