04 February 2008

London so far...

The day we arrived, we cleaned for about four hours and then went up to Dalston Junction, for supplies.

I don't remember what we did Saturday. Cleaned some more and shopped some more, I think. At night, we went out for a drink, and compared to EVERY other girl I saw, I wasn't nearly dressed up enough. Note to self: time to go clothes shopping.

Sunday, I forgot the camera, but we went to the Columbia Road flower market, which is great. It's about three blocks of flowers, and then all these great shops along the side, where you can get great coffee, and lovely French cheese. I got some, and even though it's wrapped up and in the fridge, the flat smells like cheese. This is a good smell to me, but others might not feel the same. I unthinkingly put the chocolate right next to the cheese, and that means that the chocolate smelled stinky, but tasted like chocolate. Perversely, perhaps, I enjoyed it. There are shops that sell second-hand clothing, jewelry, baked goods. One store had really cool maps. One shop sold soaps that were £22 each (that's about $44!!!). I checked the ingredients, and there was no indication that the soap was magical, or that it was partially made from gold, or that it contained pieces of some relic.

We got these flowers for our window ledge:

Then we walked up the canal from Shoreditch (our neighborhood) to the Angel.

Finally, back home doing some work.

Some other nice things about London: the spinach is so fresh, I almost didn't recognize it as spinach. The kelloggs bran flakes don't have corn syrup or other unhealthy things in them (and people wonder why it's the US that has the obesity problem).

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Miss Mildred said...

that kitchen looks like a great place to hang out!
I like your flowers too.