01 November 2008

Goose; golden eggs

So, it's around 9am, Saturday morning. Rog is lying in bed with a pretty bad cold, and he says, "you know, what I could really use is hint hint a really warm woolly sweater to make me feel better."

Just then, the doorbell rings, and there is a delivery. It's this:

That's right, a huge bag of wool. It's wool I ordered over a month ago from New Lanark, that seemed to have gotten lost. And I had ordered it to make Rog a sweater. Also some other christmas presents. I got quite a lot!

I'm hoping he can apply this newfound skill to other things. Like, "you know, what would really make me feel better right now is £1,000,000." I'm ready to answer the doorbell when it buzzes.

My autumn-y outfit today:


Siga said...

So which pattern are you knitting for him?

amanda said...

Oh what is that checked item you are wearing with Luna? I'm drawn to it straight away!

Hoxton said...

Ah the Lanark arrived! Mine took an age as well but it's nice to knit with. I'm with Siga - what pattern are you going for?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just looked at the wool website and I shouldn't have looked! I'll totally blame you if the mail man rings the bell with packages from overseas. Is it soft? I would love to see your knitted garment with this yarn.