30 November 2008

Made in Clerkenwell

Today I went to Made in Clerkenwell, a lovely craft fair, with Hoxton Handmade and Travelknitter, and we briefly ran into Estieknits too. I brought my camera, and then I didn't take photos. It was a building full of great open studios, with lots of beautiful jewelry, sadly beyond my price range, some knitwear, and some housewares that were also quite tempting. There was a bookbinder, and I did get Rog a little notebook, but that was my only purchase.

I don't mind though, because it was inspiring to be there and see all the colours and textures and shapes. Also walking up five (six? there was a -1 floor) flights of stairs provided some much needed exercise.

Since it's that time of year where all knitting is Christmas-orientated, I'm afraid I can't show you any pictures. The CPH is coming along nicely, I'm 30% done with it. The other things I'm going to knit as gifts aren't even on the needles yet. Rog's sweater is on hold as US gifts have to be knit first. I'm thinking of making a xx for my mother and some xx for my brother-in-law, Paul. We keep buying xx to include in the package for my sister, and then we keep xxing them with xx. I bought some grey and green Cascade 220 (hard to tell the difference in this photo!) to make leg warmers for my yoga teacher. (I know who's reading this and who's not)

And finally, I leave you with a portrait of rog & I doing what we do...


larissa said...

Believe it or not, I've actually done my back in, and I blame all those stairs! Who knew that crafting required so much energy??

amanda said...

Jeez Jasmine!...just reading about all your gift knits is stressing me out! Have you got any time to sleep? :D
btw...which legwarmers are you knitting? I'd thought of doing some for Lily's dance teacher.

Anonymous said...

The craft fair sounds great! I've decided that my gift knitting is all going to be public this year - I just don't have the chance to spend the time away from the recipients!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like loads of fun. I'm really happy that there are all these crafty things going on in London these days! Love the teapot shot by the way :)
PS In response to your comment on my blog, the photos are of Waterloo! The email address you left is bouncing right back to me... not sure what's up there!