21 November 2008

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before

I am so stressed out right now. Here's what I have to do over the weekend:

1) Write an article - the writing will be easy; the getting myself to sit down and actually do it will be hard. Actual work: 1 hour. Work including procrastination: roughly 10 hours.

2) Work on a case study. Same issue as above. Actual work: 1/2 hour. With procrastination: 2 hours.

3) Come up with two diagnostic tools. This will be a little more challenging, as I'm creating them more or less from scratch. Therefore, potentially more fun as well. Actual work: hard to say. With procrastination: well, as it's not due til Tuesday, I'd say I'll start working on it Monday evening. Possibly Tuesday very early in the morning.

4) Give some concrete shape to an idea I'm thinking about. I've been procrastinating on this one for over a year now, so...

The problem is that I can't combine all the procrastinating: each project needs its own procrastinating time.

Now if I only I had something that I could procrastinate with.

Enter the lovely Christmas card I got from the PO yesterday. They informed me that any shipping to the US that I need to do must be done by 5 December, if it's to get there on time. Is it a coincidence that I found out I must knit all weekend if I'm to make this deadline?

Speaking of which, here's what I've been up to since last I wrote:

Phildar pull for me:

Cobblestone pull for rog:

Noro scarf for lily:

Some lovely shadows on my wall:


larissa said...

See, for me, knitting doesn't count as procrastination - it's far too productive. For procrastination purposes, I look no further than Ravelry! Can you believe that today I volunteered to write a literature review? Crazy! x

amanda said...

think you need a glass of something red and powerful maybe!!

Hoxton said...

Yes, familiar feeling, and why I have a million wips and never seem to finish most of them! BTW, what was casting the shadows? They look other worldly!