24 December 2007

Mermaid Mittens

I found this pattern for mermaid gloves on Ravelry, but as we're getting into winter now, I decided to make them into mittens, as a Christmas present for my sister (to match the hat and gloves).

I cast on 48 stitches (4 sets of 12 stitches), and added the gusset after the first horizontal pattern. I knit in pattern til the middle of my index finger and then started decreasing simply by not putting in the increases, probably about 6 times. Then k2tog all the way around, twice, and then cut the yarn, pulled it through tightly. I just reversed the pattern for the other mitten, replacing all the k2tbl with k2tog. Done!

Here's one in progress:

Here they are finished:

I've been really good and not bought any wool recently, even though webs is having a huge sale right now. I've managed to knit through a bunch of yarn, so that I'm down to three boxes. And a bag. And some piles of yarn that find their way around the house, much to Rog's dismay. My friend Max just had a second daughter, so I'll be knitting a sweater for her pretty soon, that should take care of some of those piles...

19 December 2007

Lamb mambs

For the record, I'm almost done with round 8 on the secret project - just one more band, and then I'm on to round 9.

My goal is to finish it before I have to make a New Year's Resolution about it.

In the meantime, I made little christmas presents for Stigs and Marcie:

They were meant to be lambs, because Stigs' word for stuffed toys is "mamb" (rhymes with lamb). The white one looks more like a lamb, the brown one is a little mouse-like. Maybe it's the bow-tie.

Here's another shot of the lamb mamb...

Overall, though, I was pretty happy with them - the twins seemed to like them too - at least they hugged and kissed them. This is where I got the pattern. There are lots more cute toys there - I saw a tiger I liked... I altered the pattern a bit - I knit everything in the round - including the arms that started off with 7 stitches. On no. 3 needles. It's not so much that I thought it'd be easier than knitting them flat and then sewing them up; I just enjoy knitting in the round, even when it's painful, more than I enjoy sewing.

I still have a few more presents to knit up in the next few days.

14 December 2007

Hat to end all Hats?

Not yet... as it turns out, my head is too big. I knit the 5.5 inches called for in the pattern for the Odessa hat, but it's still a bit short and threatens to fall off my head.

K mentioned that she made the same hat in plum for a friend - I would love to see a picture. This is such a nice pattern, I think I'll try it again in white.

I've started going through my stuff, trying to get rid of things before we leave for London in ... a month and a half.

Preparing to leave (mentally) makes me look at New York differently, in a good way. Being nostalgic while I'm still here means I get to do all the things I think I will miss. Like going to my favorite tapas bar on 1st ave., Oliva - I realize I have to go back there a few times in the next 90 days. Those albondigas are pretty amazing. Or even just looking at the streets in Park Slope - now that winter seems to be upon us, the trees are all naked, gnarled branches reaching skyward.

I filled two recycling bags with shredded paper! Who would've thought? There were lots of duplicates of old syllabi and handouts and articles for my classes, that I don't really need anymore because everything is just posted online these days. And bank statements and taxes that were older than seven years.

Then there's the stuff I know I ought to throw out - like pairs of tights that are too short, and therefore so uncomfortable. Socks with holes in the toes. T-shirts that I haven't worn for years. How many black t-shirts does a girl need, anyway?

11 December 2007

New Knitting Projects

Well, I had to get this done quickly, so Rog could send it off to the UK, so Lily could have her present in time for christmas:

My current WIP is this Odessa hat. I had one skein of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK in this really nice green, and in my ongoing attempt at making a hat I'll like and wear, I thought I'd try this one. Here it is so far:

I washed my L'il Red Riding Hoodie, and it didn't shrink! I have to try it again. I think I took it out too soon. It's still too big.

09 December 2007

Last Day of Vending

Today, Miss M and I were at the Brooklyn Indie Market again, and I was pretty happy with my sales. But, we decided that we were going to close up shop. I'm a bit sad, because I really enjoyed selling our hand knits on the street - it meant I got to do some of my favorite things:

1) hang out with Miss M
2) people watch
3) knit
4) talk
5) talk about knitting

I even kind of liked being cold, because it made me really appreciate my cozy warm home.

But, I've listed a bunch of things at my Etsy shop, so even if I'm not vending in the real world, at least I'll try my hand at the virtual one!

06 December 2007

Some nice things happened recently

Miss M & I were at the Brooklyn Indie Market, and my sister came by and bought a hat and scarf. She looks so cute!

I was at Staples today, and the checkout girl told me it made her happy that I had brought my own bag. It made me happy that it made her happy.

I finished my l'il red riding hoodie, but it's too too big, so I think I have to shrink it a bit before I sew in the zipper. I'm nervous.